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We haven't just become the World's No.1 Condom Brand over night....we've worked hard over the years.

Here's just some of the things Durex have lead the way on:

  • First condom brand to adopt its own "seal of quality"
  • First to introduce a lubricated condom
  • First condom manufacturing company to develop and use electronic testing
  • First condom brand to use free standing outdoor vending machines
  • First condom to be advertised on British TV
  • First to develop a range of colour coordinated flavoured condoms that actually tasted of what the flavour was meant to be
  • First to use a unique odour masker to reduce the smell of latex
  • First to develop an "easy-on" shape condom that is easier to unroll and more comfortable to wear
  • First to develop a condom that helps to prolong climax (Ritardente/Performa)
  • First to have ribs on condoms where it actually matters
  • First to market a condom that combines textures (ribs, dots) and shape to maximise stimulation for both male and female partners (Pleasuremax)
  • First to develop a lube that mimics the natural body fluids (Sensilube)
  • First condom manufacturing company to conduct and publish a global sex survey
  • First condom manufacturing company to develop a range of vibrators and retail them in a "general" high street stores
  • First condom company to have a range of lubes with different sensations
  • First condom company to launch a 2-in-1 massage lube
  • First condom company to develop a  synthetic polyisoprene male condom (Durex Avanti Ultima)



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