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Durex presents a whole new range of lubes designed to give you more pleasure – and silky, sensuous treat.

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Play Passion Cherry

Lip-smacking, flavourful fun.

Pleasure Foam

Light as air foaming lubricant that's great for massage.
Pleasure Foam

Play Quiver

Unique freezable lubricant cubes. Prepare for meltdown...

Play Utopia

A thrilling female arousal gel.

Play Massage

The unique 2in1 sensual massage gel and lube.
Play Massage

Play Warmer

Sensitivity is heightened when you use Play Warmer.  Try it - you’ll certainly warm to it.
Play Warmer

Play Tingling

Play TinglingFor a head-to-toe tingling experience.

Play Assorted Temptations

An assortment of touch and taste lubes.

Play More

Play MoreIdeal for you if you’re trying a lube for the first time…or if you’re a frequent user.